It's the Digital Age

If you buy a book in a bookstore or a DVD from Best Buy, then you have a physical item that you can pass on after your death. But, what if you buy an e-Book for your Kindle or download the latest season of your favorite TV show on iTunes? What happens to those digital assets? Shouldn't you be able to pass them on to your loved ones too, just as you would a physical copy?

What about your social media accounts? Suppose you run your own blog, share your personal photos on Instagram, or create videos to post on YouTube. Do you want people to be able to access these personal creations after your death?

Do you do most, if not all, of your personal banking online? Do you get digital copies of account statements through email and not paper copies through postal mail?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions or if you read this and thought "Gee, I've never thought of that before," then you should speak with a knowledgeable attorney to make sure your estate plan includes a strategy for your digital life!


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