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 Life is a Journey... 

  a story to be told.

 Let us help you tell yours.

More important than any thing you can leave your family are the stories and memories of a life well-lived, told in your own voice, your own way.
Let us help you document your story.

YOU are the author of your own personal story. Now, with REFLECTIONS, you have the opportunity to be the author of your family story as well. The word "reflect" or "reflection" can be used in a number of ways and has a variety of meanings. On one hand, it can mean looking inward, such as during a period of self-analysis.


"I need some time to reflect on..."


On the other, it can be used to describe an outward image, such as that cast by a mirror.


"Looking at my reflection, I noticed..."


It can even be used to describe the effect outside forces have on someone.


"I am the reflection of my parents, my upbringing, my culture..."

“There’s so much that one can use in knowing their past to improve their present, to enrich their present.”


~ Tom Bergeron, Who Do You Think You Are

The ability of this single word to encompass (or reflect) both the inner and outer aspects of humanity makes it the perfect name for our marquee service. A word with so many meanings is perfect for a service with so many applications. In fact, the utility of REFLECTIONS is limited only by your imagination.



REFLECTIONS offers our clients the opportunity to record, in crisp digital HD video, a poignant message, a lasting statement, or an inspirational story of great personal meaning. This recorded, guided interaction with the attorney affords clients the chance to leave an emotional impact upon friends, family, and loved ones. It can be used to bring laughter, tears, healing, and comfort.



No more "what ifs." No more "I wish I would have told them" or "I wonder if they knew." Give your loved ones something to hold on to, something to lighten their spirits, something to always remember you by. We would be honored to help you preserve your family story and share your legacy with those you love.

“I am the manifestation of my father and my mother’s dreams and their efforts. I’ve taken that and built a life that keeps unfolding.”


~ Alfre Woodard, Who Do You Think You Are



  • Personal Testimony

  • Grandma's Secret Recipes

  • Words of Wisdom

  • Life Journal

  • Bedtime stories

  • Detailed pet care instructions

How many times have you recalled a memory of a loved one who has passed away and immediately thought "What I wouldn't give to hear her voice again. To hear her say my name one more time. To hear him say 'I love you'"?


If you were not able to raise your kids, what values would you want to make sure they knew were important to you? What hopes and dreams do you have for them? What blessings do you want to speak into their lives? What advice would you give them for the milestones in life they have yet to experience?


Do you have certain traditions you enjoy as a family that have been passed down from your parents or grandparents, but the younger generation has no idea why you do what you do?


Are there certain precious memories that are starting to fade or classic family stories that no one will remember if you're not around to tell them?


Is there a relationship that ended in anger and you wish you could let that person know you've forgiven him? Is there someone from whom you need to ask forgiveness?


Is your son or daughter named for a loved one whom they have never met? Does your child know what was so treasured about that loved one that you wanted them to share a name?


Is there a specific item you have bequeathed to a specific individual (an antique, an engagement ring, a unique personal memento)? Will the intended recipient understand the personal significance of the bequest?

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