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"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Attorney Amy Privette! My husband died unexpectedly from a heart attack. He was only 42 and we have 3 young children. I contacted Amy immediately and not only was she able to help me get my husband's affairs in order, she assisted me in making a plan for my children and their well-being should something happen to me! That gave my entire family peace of mind. It's always difficult when you lose someone you love. I am just so grateful that Amy was there for me every step of the way! I cannot thank her enough."

Terri B., Raleigh, NC

"I reached out to Amy Privette for help when my daughter died and I needed legal advice and guidance. After a phone consultation, I was very impressed by her professionalism, empathy and willingness to help me through this process. After hiring her, she has continued to respond quickly to any emails and correspondence. She has offered valuable advice, offered several options for handling matters while giving me the knowledge of various outcomes for choices I might make. She continues to offer that unfailing desire to help, encouragement through some of my most trying days and has been a blessing throughout this journey. I would highly recommend her based on my own personal experience."

Janice S., Leander, TX

At first, I thought my “planning” was rather silly since I do not have children. If something were to happen to me I wanted to make sure my pets were taken care of as well as directing my final assets to family and friends. Amy was so helpful in helping me wrap my mind around how I could set up my own legacy to ensure that all of my loved ones, 2 legged or 4 legged, would be taken care of if something were to happen to me. I appreciate her candor, her super detailed oriented guidance, and how much she kept me on track. She has a true passion for this work and it shows throughout your interactions with her.

Christina F., Apex, NC

"I was very lucky which is an understatement to have Amy referred to me by a family friend. I was and am still so grateful for the referral because Amy turned out to be all that I could possibly hope for in a lawyer and more! I met with Amy because my father had passed away and I needed a lawyer to help with his estate. Upon meeting Amy, I knew I was in the best hands possible, she literally came to my rescue and took care of every detail of the estate for me from opening up the estate to closing the estate. Amy is professional, prompt, kind and considerate, she has tremendous empathy and is totally supportive. I could not and would not have wanted to do this without her."

Michele G., Cary, NC

"We highly recommend Amy Privette for estate planning. We had a will and estate plan from twenty years ago. Our family and the laws have changed much in those years. Amy did an excellent job explaining the estate planning process. She walked us through the various options available. In addition, Amy provided examples and scenarios so we could see the benefits and limitations of various estate planning tool options. Amy interpreted the legal speak for us. She was patient with us when we had questions and answered each question thoroughly. We feel confident with our estate plans."

Dawn W., Cary, NC

"Amy worked with my 89 year old mother and me to do mom's estate planning portfolio. Amy was extremely thorough, knowledgable and timely with her services. She was patient, kind and respectful of my elderly mother as she walked her through much information. If you want a fine lawyer with Christian morals that you can trust, call Privette Legacy Planning."

Marla H., Cary, NC

"Amy was the best lawyer I've ever worked with. This is definitely her wheel and she's a master at it. Specifically, Amy was very educational, patient with our questions, only moved forward when we were comfortable and fair with pricing. I would highly recommend her without reservation."

Daniel M., Wake Forest, NC

"My wife and I were referred to Amy and not disappointed at all. Her demeanor and approach was trusting and professional.  She listened as we described our goals and family situation.  Amy’s questions clarified further what documents we needed to support virtually any contingency.  Now that grandchildren are arriving we feel secure in our planning with Amy – thank you."

Eric M., Cary, NC

"Through my experience, I can state, without reservation, that Amy has unquestionably demonstrated her skill and proficiency in estate law, yet she has gone further still, to couch her legal abilities in her personal concern for me and her understanding of my situation, while providing the support that I have needed to press forward to get these plans responsibly in place. Her practice is not a practice where routine forms are just printed, signed, and set aside, but instead, a practice that is based on the importance of developing substantial trust and relationship with her clients."

Dianne C., Raleigh, NC

"Following an initial recommendation from an investment advisor, my husband and I chose Privette Legacy Planning. This was both due to cost and the fact that, based on an interview, Amy appeared thorough, knowledgeable, motivated, and calm. Within two months after my husband signed his documents, I had to call on Amy to provide estate services. Amy understands that she is working with people during a difficult time in their lives, and her guidance enabled me to move forward while grieving. Proactive lists and detailed questions were part of her work, and I always had an action plan/way forward after meeting with Amy. I was very grateful that Amy did the small amount of probate work needed and I did not have to go to the Wake County Courthouse. As we close out the estate, I am indeed aware that this transaction has been held to a high standard."

Juliana B., Cary, NC

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