Surprises are great for birthdays or anniversaries, but not so much in legal work. That is why, as part of our "client-first" mission, our estate planning work is done on a flat-fee basis.


With a flat-fee arrangement, you are given the exact cost of the work to be done. You pay that much, and not a penny more. You can budget for your estate plan and have confidence that there will be no surprise bills coming in the mail!


We have adopted a percentage fee structure for our estate and trust administration clients. Our percentage fee structure is based on the value of estate assets or the assets managed by the trust.


The percentage fee structure is provided to our clients at the initial meeting and recited in the Terms of Engagement. 

Again, we promise there will be no surprises!

No sticker shock!

hourly billing

There is a small handful of services we provide that are billed at an hourly rate. These engagements are usually for short-term matters such as the review of documents, funding of a newly-created trust, or other open-ended engagements.

We pledge to make every effort to do the best work we can, in the most efficient manner we can, in order to keep your costs manageable. The hourly rate will be provided at the start and will not increase during the length of the engagement.

"thank you"


We are pleased to offer a 15% discount on most services to:

  • military personnel (including Active Duty, Reservists, National Guard, Retirees, and Veterans)

  • police officers

  • firefighters

  • public and private school teachers and administrators

Would that we lived in a world that viewed first responders and educators as heroes and role models instead of celebrities! Until that day, though, we offer this discount as a simple but heartfelt way to say THANK YOU for your incredible service to our community.