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  • Amy Privette

Estate Planning Arithmetic

The concept behind today's post is really simple, yet somehow the application rate is dismal. So here's goes ---

If you have a change in relationships, you have a change that needs to be reflected in your estate plan!

That's it. That's the post. Nothing earth-shattering -- unless you accidentally disinherit your daughter because you forgot to update your estate plan after she was born.

--- or leave the care of your children in the hands of the Courts because the person you named as their Guardian died and you forgot to update your estate plan.

--- or fail to update your Will after your marriage, and then upon your death, everything went to your parents instead of your spouse.

--- or.....use your imagination.

Tip Tuesday: changing relationships

If you are interested in learning how we work with clients to keep their estate plans updated, no matter what life throws their way, talk to us about our Client Care Program.

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