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Service Highlight: Family Round Table

Some lawyers view estate planning as a transactional practice. When the estate plan is finished, so is the lawyer's work with the client. That is not the PLP way! Privette Legacy Planning is a relationship practice - a firm dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with clients. In other words, our work does not end when your plan is signed. For us, that's only the beginning! We offer a suite of services to help you stay connected and engaged with us, even after your plan is done. Taking advantage of these services is the best way to protect your family from the curveballs of life and to make sure you have the right people in place when or if tragedy strikes. This post is all about the Family Round Table.

They've got questions. We've got answers.

The Family Round Table is a gathering of Amy (the attorney), you (our client whose estate plan is already in effect), and the people to whom you have assigned particular roles in your plan. For the most basic of plans, the roles involved would be the Personal Representative under your Will, the Agent under the Durable Power of Attorney, and the Health Care Agent under your Health Care Power of Attorney. You might also have a Trustee or Trust Protector under your Trust as well as a Guardian for your minor kids. Most of our clients have back-ups named to each role as well. All of these "role players" are invited to come to our office or, depending on the number of attendees, to the client's residence for the Family Round Table.

The purpose of the Family Round Table is to:

  • Allow Amy to share the responsibilities and duties associated with the various roles;

  • Give Amy the opportunity to explain the mechanics of each document, such as which documents are used when and any precursors or "triggers" that must occur before a document has any power;

  • Present the role players a chance to ask questions of the attorney BEFORE a need arises since, as they say, forewarned is forearmed;

  • Let everyone on the Roles List put faces to names so that when the time comes for someone to act, they know whom to contact depending upon the circumstance; and

  • Build your loved ones' comfort level with the tasks you've assigned to them.

We would be remiss if we did not note that the purpose of the Family Round Table is not to divulge the specifics of the client's plan. There will be no discussion of who is going to inherit and in what amounts. That's for another day and another time.

Call or email us to schedule your Family Round Table -- a simple, yet essential, part of keeping everyone in the loop and making sure they know the playbook ahead of "Game Day." Don't delay!

Phone: (919) 678-5761

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