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  • Amy Privette

Preserving the Family Story

3 generations of women in family

Legacy planning? I'm not a one-percenter. I'm not one of the elite. I don't have a legacy to leave.

Actually you do! There are many different types of legacies that we can leave: a financial legacy, a spiritual legacy, a moral legacy, an educational legacy, a charitable legacy, a legacy of heritage and culture, and many others. Most attorneys focus only on the financial legacy (that is, the estate). But, I am interested in helping clients do more. I want to go beyond creating a customized estate plan that protects your assets. I want to help you PRESERVE YOUR FAMILY STORY. I sincerely want to learn about your family, about the people and things that matter most to you, and why they matter. In doing so, I can more effectively advise you on setting up an estate plan that will endure beyond your lifetime and ensure that your loved ones are protected. I can also help you preserve that history and heritage.

To learn more about the firm's work in this area, check out REFLECTIONS.

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